Commitment to Patients

Eye Surgeons Associates is pleased to announce that Beth Repp, M.D. and Carlton Fenzl, M.D. have become partners of Eye Surgeons Associates. Dr. Frederick, president of Eye Surgeons, comments, “We’re proud to add these two excellent physicians to our ownership group. Both have amazing clinical skills, great rapport with patients and staff, and are dedicated… Read More

GESUNDHEIT. Bless you.

Most people associate sneezing, runny nose, coughing and hives as a reaction to some type of allergen and not something related to their eyes. Surprisingly, they are often experiencing allergic conjunctivitis which is an inflammation (-itis) of the mucosal membrane called the conjunctiva. This surrounds the white part of the eye called the sclera and… Read More

May is Better Hearing Month

When people notice a change in their vision, they usually make an appointment with the eye doctor and get a prescription for glasses. It can be an easy fix, readily accepted by most. But what is it about hearing that makes some people avoid having it checked and easily improved? May is better hearing month,… Read More

What? Can you hear me?

Carol’s pet birds told her it was time to have her hearing checked. Her Quaker parrot started saying “what” to her after picking up on how often Carol was saying it. And her cockatiel was saying, “can you hear me?” based on conversations he was overhearing in Carol’s house. Carol knew she likely had hearing… Read More

Huh? Can you repeat that?

Larry didn’t realize he was becoming a broken record. It was his young granddaughter who finally asked him, “Grandpa, why do you always say ‘huh’?” Working in shops in the Quad Cities for over 30 years likely contributed to Larry’s hearing loss. Years ago, there was not as much awareness of hearing protection, which is… Read More

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