Brian Hansel

Allergic Conjunctivitis Brian Hansel, O.D. FYEye video link: Most people associate sneezing, runny nose, coughing and hives as a reaction to some type of allergen. Those people suffering are, surprisingly, often experiencing allergic conjunctivitis. Allergic conjunctivitis is an inflammation (-itis) of the mucosal membrane called the conjunctiva. This membrane surrounds the white part of the… Read More

Dry Eye Disease Patients Have Options

Middle Aged Woman With Glasses

Dry Eye Disease Patients Have Options Dry eye disease affects millions of patients and is diagnosed when either the quantity and/or quality of the tear layer is abnormal. Since our tears maintain the health and function of the external eye, the abnormal production of tears often leads to inflammation on the surface of the eye…. Read More

Dry Eye and Sleep Position

Woman headshot

Dry Eye and Sleep Position Dry eye disease is a common eye condition, affecting an estimated 40% of patients receiving ophthalmic care. It is defined by a reduced quality and/or quantity of tears to properly lubricate and protect the ocular surface, leading to chronic inflammation and irritation. The severity and frequency of these symptoms can… Read More

Computer Vision Syndrome

Young Woman on Laptop Outside

Computer Vision Syndrome Computer vision syndrome is not an actual disease but is a term being used by groups like the American Optometric Association to describe some of the eye and vision problems that are associated with use of electronic devices. One of the hallmarks of life in the 21st century is being surrounded by… Read More

A New Treatment for Dry Eye that’s Drop Free and Drug Free – TrueTear

True Tear Product Photo

A New Treatment for Dry Eye That’s Drop Free and Drug Free TrueTear® Dry eye is a condition that affects millions of people every year in the United States. Treatments range from over the counter products such as artificial tears, omega-3 fatty acids supplements, and warm compresses to procedures such as amniotic membrane application for… Read More

Eye Surgeons Recognizes 30-year Patient

30 year patient

Eye Surgeons Recognizes 30-year Patient As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, we recognize a patient who has been with us since nearly the start of business. David of Silvis, Illinois has been visiting doctors from Eye Surgeons Associates for over 30 years and remembers the days when there weren’t multiple office locations to choose from… Read More

Get 25% Off Glasses in November and December By Donating Your Old Pair

Woman with stylish glasses

It’s good to give and receive. Donate your old glasses to the Lions Club at any ESA location and receive 25% off your new glasses. Time for a new prescription? Schedule an eye exam today. Offer is good in November and December 2018, on prescription and non-prescription glasses. Cannot be used with insurance or combined… Read More

Decorative Contact Lenses for Halloween

Halloween Contacts

By Dr. Tina Eckhardt Decorative Contact Lenses for Halloween Can be Dangerous for Your Eyes! Do you go all out to create the best costume and makeup for Halloween? One popular Halloween accessory can be a danger to your eyes. Decorative contact lenses, which can change the look of your eyes, may seem like a… Read More

Advances in Corneal Transplants

Dr. Carlton Fenzl

By Carlton Fenzl, M.D. A corneal transplant is needed when the clarity of the cornea, or the first structure that light penetrates as it enters the eye, cannot be corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Often there is painful swelling that cannot be relieved by medications or special contact lenses. Corneal failure can be caused… Read More

At What Age Can Children Wear Contact Lenses?


By Jonathan Isgrig, OD Contact lenses can be worn at any age. There is no physical age limit and when to start wearing contacts is determined by each child’s unique situation and whether they have a condition that would limit this option. Most children begin wearing contacts between 11-15 years of age, but even infants… Read More

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