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KatieBefore my procedure, I couldn't even read a menu, without digging out my glasses, and even then I'd have to adjust the length at which I held it from my eyes. From the minute Dr. Fenzl first sat down to discuss my vision options, I was impressed with his knowledge and expertise. The team at Eye Surgeons was concerned with exactly how I intended to use my improved vision. The Eye Exam led to another conversation, and I never felt pressured to do any procedure. There were many options, and Doc was really candid about the pros and cons of each. My procedure was tailor made for my vision goals. Monovision let me see both up close, and at distance with no glasses! I couldn't believe the difference! It didn't take long to adjust to monovision, and the benefits of seeing everything, all the time make me wish I had done it sooner!

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I am so glad to have had Lasik eye surgery done. From walking out the door and already being able to tell that my eye sight was improved to waking up the next day thinking I still had my contacts in my eyes. It was something that I had been putting off for a few years and glad I finally decided to take the step and get it done. I will never regret getting this surgery done.

Tyler Oder

KatieI've had my "new eyes" for a year now, and I have absolutely no regrets. I can't point to one single difference and say, "That's it; that's the life changer"; rather, the change has been many subtle changes: being able to go swimming without worrying about contacts popping out, being able to play with my 15 month old nephew without worrying about my glasses getting knocked off and broken, no longer suffering from headaches when my prescription had become outdated, and as silly as it may sound, increased self confidence. I could go on and on with these small changes, and it's all these subtle changes that have added up to the life changing experience. I would recommend LASIK to anyone who wears glasses or contacts.

Thank you Eye Surgeons!!!!

SaraIt's amazing how much easier life is without contacts and glasses. We love to travel and it's so nice not thinking about contacts, glasses, or possible eye infection flare-ups. I had regular eye infections - which is what led me to LASIK. Also - life as a preschool teacher is incredibly active and I am exposed to a lot of germs. It's been so nice not wearing contacts or glasses in the classroom! I have been eye infection free since having LASIK and that is amazing! The last infection I had was November of 2009 - right after school conferences. Long hours and late nights preparing reports often led to red, infected eyes. I no longer have that problem!


I had been in glasses or contacts since the 2nd grade... each year was the same thing - "Carl, your eyes got slightly worse this year". Until, finally, at the age of about 28, my eyes stopped changing.

When I was finding out about Lasik, I was worried that I wouldn't be a candidate because my vision was so terrible. "Legally blind" was the term used by Dr. Kluver. WOW. Didn't know I was THAT bad!!! BUT, I was a candidate for Lasik and the rest is history.

It is the best decision I have made, and next to my kids being born, my most life-changing experience. I would do it again in a second.


KellyLASIK has made playing with my grandson Dylan easier and more enjoyable. I'm glad I had it done.


JustinLasik has allowed me to focus (no pun intended) on the daily activities in my life instead of being distracted by irritated and red eyes associated with contact lenses.


MelissaThis procedure has changed my LIFE!!! I went in for my LASIK surgery on May 4, 2010. The next day when my husband took me out to lunch at a local fast food restaurant, I not only could read the menu behind the counter, but I could read everything across the street! It was amazing.I threw away my hard contacts. Now, I have the same sight as my new grandson, well almost.
Thank you Eye Surgeons.