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VISX Excimer Laser

Eye Surgeons Associates uses the VISX Excimer Laser which has successfully treated millions of eyes in the U.S. The Excimer laser is a specific type of "cool" laser, which generates its power from light in the ultraviolet range. It cannot be visualized by the human eye. Because the laser does not generate any heat, there is no tissue damage as the result of the laser light. During the LASIK procedure, the laser is activated in single pulses, each of which removes ten-millionth of an inch of tissue in twelve billionths of a second. Guided by the expertise of the surgeon, the laser precisely reshapes the cornea without disturbing the surrounding area of the eye.


The latest 100% blade-free LASIK technology available, the iFS laser, cleared by the FDA, has more than 10 years of clinical research shown to improve both the safety and precision of LASIK.

Proven Results: Patients who choose the iFS laser experience faster visual recovery, fewer dry eye symptoms, and maximum flap stability-three times that of a microkeratome-created flap. 1-3

Proven Performance: NASA astronauts and U.S. pilots can have LASIK surgery today because of the exclusive, validated safety and precision performance of the IntraLase Method.

Individual Treatment: The iFS laser allows the surgeon to customize your corneal flap based on the precise profile of your cornea.

The blade-free IntraLase Method with the iFS laser represents the modern standard of care in vision correction worldwide.

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3-D Eye Tracker

The laser's infrared cameras actively follow the tiniest motions of your eye in all three dimensions. You do not need to worry about moving your eye during the procedure as the tracker will follow the movement and adjust the laser accordingly. If the movement is too great, the laser automatically stops treatment, and will resume exactly where it left off.

FDA approved Advanced CustomVue™

Traditional LASIK surgery can provide excellent results when correcting a wide range of vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. These vision problems are known as lower order aberrations. Advanced CustomVueTM individualized laser vision correction procedure from Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) goes beyond reshaping your cornea based on your prescription for eyeglasses or contacts. The Advanced CustomVue procedure measures and corrects the unique imperfections of each individual's eye. Now more than 94% of eligible candidates* may potentially benefit from Advanced CustomVue laser vision correction. WaveScan technology, originally developed for use in high powered telescopes viewing distant objects in space, identifies and measures imperfections in an individual's eye 25 times more precisely than standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses treating previously undetectable and untreatable vision problems. Your surgeon uses this information to treat individuals with the CustomVue procedure.

  • Market Scope Data, US Vision Population, 21 years of age or older, 2005 Advanced CustomVue and VISX are trademarks of VISX, Incorporated.

  • Market Scope Data, October 2004