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Reduce or Eliminate Your Need for Glasses After Cataract Surgery

Eliminate GlassesTo reduce or eliminate your need for glasses or contacts Advanced Technology Vision Correction can improve astigmatism, near sightedness, far sightedness and presbyopia - all reasons patients need glasses.

If you have significant cataracts and astigmatism and desire to see clearly at ANY distance without glasses, you require Advanced Technology Refractive Vision Correction. Astigmatism means the shape of the clear cornea is curved in such a way that unless corrected, the vision remains distorted or blurred. Our surgeons select the optimal astigmatism correction technique most appropriate for your needs (laser astigmatism correction, Toric IOL or some combination of the two). Patients with Advanced Technology Astigmatism Correction typically enjoy excellent vision at one distance, but may still need glasses for other distances. Although, a Blended Vision strategy may be chosen once they decide upon Advanced Technology Astigmatism Correction.

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As we age, we lose our ability to change focus from distance to near, an automatic process called accommodation. This universal aging process is called presbyopia. Multifocal Advanced Technology Vision Correction lenses can correct both distance driving AND near vision for reading in each eye which results in the greatest spectacle independence with best depth perception for appropriate candidates. The refractive cataract laser may be employed with these presbyopia Advanced Technology lenses to address corneal astigmatism and to enhance IOL placement within the capsular bag.

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Further examination, additional measurements, and special testing all precede the final discussion and planning by our doctors, if you select Blended Vision or Advanced Technology Refractive Vision Correction. The additional diagnostic and surgical services, as well as, the Advanced Technology IOLs are expenses beyond traditional cataract surgical fees. Though not covered by insurance, ESA offers payment plans to make these options affordable. Whether you select traditional manual, Blended Vision or Advanced Technology Refractive Vision Correction our ESA team will deliver our best efforts to help you achieve your vision goals.