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Toys, games, and the eyes.

Find the right age-appropriate toy for the child on your gift list with some shopping ideas that are also safe for eyes. Guidelines to help buy safe and appropriate toys this holiday season.

Safe Celebrations: Opening Champagne

Nothing spoils the party more than an injury. Prevent eye injury by opening sparkling beverages properly. Follow these steps and then watch Dr. Boehm demonstrate it in our latest FYEye video and have a Happy Holiday season!

Paying the Price for Beauty

Tips to keep your eyes healthy and still look glamorous for the holidays!

Hit the Slopes in Bollẻ Snow Goggles.

Did you know that ESA carries state-of-the-art Snow Goggles by Bollẻ? A great Christmas gift for your snow enthusiast and 25% off when you donate an old pair of glasses to the Lion\'s Club. (Talk to an optician for details.)

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